Timegrapher X for iPhone

A mechanical watch's accuracy rate is not constant. It can vary depending on build quality, watch position, mainspring tension and even temperature. The Timegrapher X iPhone app is a unique tool that helps you find, observe and understand rate fluctuations that develop over time.

Timegrapher X consists of two separate modules (tabs):

The "INSTANT" module shows how the watch is behaving in the short term, or "right now". It is very similar to a traditional timegrapher device, with the added benefits of a real-time waveform display and a high-detail diagram display.

The "LONG TEST" module is a graphical data logger, which helps you observe the long-term behavior of a watch. Various chart indicators are available, such as average rate, moving rate history, rate drift over time, and more. Long-term measurements for up to 12 hours can be conducted for in-depth analysis of the watch being tested.

Timegrapher X Pro (in-app upgrade) provides these additional features:

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