Timegrapher as a Watch Beat Amplifier (DIY)

This video demonstrates how to intercept the timegrapher's microphone signal and feed it to an external speaker or headphones. This setup allows you to hear the watch beat sounds in full detail, as opposed to the simple beeps of the timegrapher device.

The timegrapher's microphone connector is a 3-pin GX16 aviator plug. The device supplies power to the integrated mic preamp through pins 1 and 3, and the amplified microphone signal is received on pins 1 and 2. To intercept the signal, connect a speaker in parallel (pin 1 and 2).

According to preference, the setup's invasiveness can vary: the leads can be soldered directly, or an adapter can be made so that the original cable remains unaltered.

Use the information provided at your own risk! Articles are based on the popular No.1000 / No.1900 timegrapher devices. For other models, do your own research.

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