Levels of Detail

The beat noise of the lever escapement is composed of three distinct parts, or pulses. The first pulse is the quietest and is used for rate and beat error evaluation as well as for the diagram trace. The second pulse is not relevant. The third pulse is the loudest and can be used for rate and amplitude evaluation.

Depending on the quality of the input signal provided, various parameters can be estimated, ranging from rate only to full detail.

Level 1: Rate Only

Rate is relatively easy to assess, even with weak or noisy signal, as just one pulse is sufficient for an integrated readout. This is why the LONG TEST module works well until nearly the end of the power reserve.

Level 2: Beat Error and Amplitude

Beat Error and Amplitude estimates require a stronger signal. Ensemble averaging is used to combine several waveforms and extract the values from there. This method is resilient to occasional extra noises, and allows for numeric readouts even without a clean trace.

Level 3: Clean Diagram Trace

For a clean diagram trace, a very strong signal with no extra noises is required. The dots on the diagram represent the first pulse, which must be well defined.

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